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entertainmentAkhil’s strategy is to divide the two brothers and conquer. He manages to get a job as a servant on the mansion, now owned by Karan and Arjun. Akhil attempts to separate the 2 brothers, first by introducing Saakshi who seduces the two brothers separately.

Luckily Akhil survived, and when the railway officers had been giving one lakh rupees for the families who’s even one member dies, he adopted Akhil to claim the compensation. Then Akhil beats him up. He goes back to his home, and opens the chest that he never had earlier than, which contains love letters from his real father, to his mom, and a locket along with his father and mother’s pictures. He discovers that his father is Pannalal Johri (Dalip Tahil) who is a billionaire in Bangkok. Right as he finds this, on the television comes news that Pannalal Johri is dead and his 3000 crore’s will go to anyone who can show that they’re related to Pannalal Johri.

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The movie starts with Akhil Lokande (Akshay Kumar) getting paid for doing an advert, the place he will get into a struggle, as he wasn’t paid the full sum of money that they’d promised. This continues with a number of other adverts, where Akhil continuously ends the fight when he gets a phone call, and says he has to go someplace. He then arrives on a shoot the place Sakshi (Tamannaah Bhatia) is shooting for her tv collection.

Akhil realizes his mistake and learns that Entertainment is an effective hearted and good canine so he becomes his good friend and leaves the mansion. Karan and Arjun, citing that their lawyer is aware of the choose very properly, inappropriately purchase the property from Entertainment.

Saakshi and her father surprise Akhil at the mansion, and uncover that Entertainment is the heir, inflicting the daddy to declare that Saakshi will never marry Akhil. At this time 2 brothers, Karan (Prakash Raj) and Arjun (Sonu Sood), the 2nd cousins of Johri, escape jail. Karan and Arjun want to kill Akhil, as a result of they determine that the dog will die in a few years anyway, and thus while Akhil is trying to kill Entertainment, by drowning him under a thinly iced lake. Karan and Arjun hit the bottom concurrently Akhil causing him to almost fall in, however Entertainment saves the previous, and falls into the lake instead. After plenty of efforts Akhil fails to avoid wasting Entertainment but all of a sudden he comes out of the water they usually develop emotions for one another.

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However, the scheme fails as background music rejoices the two brothers. Akhil again attempts trying to split two brothers, this time by introducing a misunderstanding of a ghost of Entertainment the canine. The two brothers quarrel and accuse one another of illegally disguising as Entertainment and they tricked the judges. Akhil’s friends tape this dialog slyly, nonetheless, the CD drops by chance and Karan and Arjun realize that each one this was deliberate by Akhil.