At the Moco Musuem, you can experience Amsterdam to the fullest

Like most people, I dread going in to lockdown once more. Finally, for what feels like years, we are able to party, socialize, and enjoy ourselves. An important contributor to this is the lift on travel restrictions. Most people need to travel and escape their own country in order to relax and recharge. I am one of these people. I can’t really unwind and clear my mind if I remain in my own country. I need to be distracted by the wonderful architecture and culture of different countries. A city that was listed on my bucket-list for a long time was Amsterdam. Somehow, I’ve always felt attracted to Amsterdam. I like the Netherlands, it’s people, it’s culture and Amsterdam. Last month, I finally went to Amsterdam, and the trip did not disappoint. In advance, I made list of where I wanted to go and of the things I wanted to see. But I also asked the locals on the things I had to do. Visiting the Moco Musuem was one of those things.

What is the Moco Museum?

When visiting Amsterdam, you don’t immediately think about going to a museum. Most people think of canals, cheese, the Amsterdam party-scene, and the Rijksmuseum. However, the locals told me not to do most of these things as they were too touristy. I had to visit the Moco Museum. The Moco Museum is a typical Amsterdam art museum. What I mean by that is that it feels like the essence of Amsterdam culture. It’s free, it’s open, it’s non-sceptical. The museum has a large collection of contemporary and classical art works. Moreover, due to clever exhibitions, they allow you to really experience their art, apart from only looking at it. So if you really want to experience the culture of Amsterdam, look no further than the Moco Museum.

How do I get there?

The Moco Musuem is located in the center of Amsterdam. From central station, you can easily get there by bike. Going there by bike is actually I would highly recommend, seeing as this is the typical Dutch way of transportation. You can then also cycle through the canals and parks. If you want to experience a real Amsterdam art museum, something that is completely congruent with the culture of Amsterdam, go to the Moco Museum. You will not be disappointed.